This section provides instructions for signing up for the online church directory. Your e-mail address must already be in the system. If it isn't, see the "Opt-in" instructions.
The church directory is hosted by To begin, click the "Start Here" button.
You will be directed to a page where you will identify yourself, as shown below.
Enter your e-mail address
Create a password
Confirm password
Click "Submit"
The directory now asks that you check your e-mail and click on the verification link. It will take you to the sign-in page. (You do not need to click the "Sign-In" button shown in the next section)
The "Sign-In" button will take you to the directory sign-in page 
Enter your e-mail address
Enter your password
Click "Sign-In"
Directory Homepage
After signing in, you are in the church's directory. You can scroll through the list of families or use the search bar to find someone.
Update Your Information
After signing in, you can edit your family's information to keep everything up to date. 
Please upload a family photo! Note that pictures of individual family members are not currently supported.
Your changes to the directory will be submitted to the directory administrator ( for inclusion in the directory.
The Instant Church Directory app is available for iOS and Android devices.
Fill out and submit this form if you wish to be included in the church directory.
Fill out and submit this form if you wish to be removed from the church directory.
For help, e-mail