welcome kids!

Matthew 19:14

Here at GCC, we believe it is not only our responsibility but also a high privilege to come alongside our parents and help them in teaching the Gospel to their children. We believe our first responsibility is to ground our children in the Gospel with an understanding of Grace. We want our kids to understand that the foundation of the Gospel is that Jesus has already done for them what they could never do for themselves! We bathe our kids in a Gospel that is not “law” driven but rather saturated with God’s covenant love and mercy. Obedience flows from and naturally follows when GRACE is experienced.
Because of that GRACE, we strive to equip our children to respond to the Gospel in faith and obedience, claiming the promises of their baptism. We utilize a curriculum that is Gospel-centered and creatively written to engage the whole child in various stations, attempting to meet them where they are at, in their respective journey to Jesus, and with their unique learning styles. When in children’s worship, our kids engage in worship songs, crafts, games, Bible stories, and Scripture memorization – all with the intention of giving them a solid way to view the world.
Our children’s ministry staff are uniquely gifted to serve in their respective roles. We have allowed people to serve in areas of their giftedness, maximizing their strengths and the creativity God has blessed them with, not wanting to just put “bodies” in places.