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We are so excited to meet you! To help make your visit a super-simple process, we have laid out all of the basics below for you as well as information about some of our ministries.


Community Groups

It is our desire that Community Groups serve as the connectional Life-Blood of our Members during the week ... where Relationships grow and serve as the foundation for individuals and families doing life together.

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Engaging in Worship

At Grace Community Church, every aspect of our worship service is designed to glorify God and focus in on the Person of Jesus, the Christ. We passionately believe that “worship” is much more than just the singing of songs, but every aspect of the worship service should engage Christ’s Sons and Daughters in a humble act of adoring our Gracious King. At Grace, we seek to accomplish this worship through blended music (with a leaning towards contemporary music), introspective prayers, and a celebration of God’s Grace through Christ-centered sermons.

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The Equipping of the Saints is a calling from God that we take very seriously. It is our deep desire that every Follower of Christ would, at some point in their life, journey through a process of “formal” discipleship with a small group of other Believers. Our First Year Discipleship Program consists of going through a booklet, called “Sonship,” by Jack Miller.

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Grace Kids

It is our longing for our kids to come to know Jesus, as the Christ, and their Savior. We offer a Nursery and interactive classrooms for kindergarten thru fifth grade. Parents have the option of dropping off their kids as soon as they arrive and “enjoy” the morning without them as they head to the worship service or they may send their children over halfway through our service (right before the sermon); Parent’s Choice.

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Teenagers MATTER and because most people come to Jesus before their 18th birthday, we have VALUED having a paid staff member, in Ben Echard, to work with our middle and high school students. Ben is incredibly gifted, wired for relationships, and loves to dive into the Scriptures with teens.

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We believe God’s heart beats for the Nations and that He is calling to Himself a People from every Tribe, Nation, and Tongue. It is our great longing to be a Church that both Radically “Goes into the World,” and Radically “Sends Others into the World.”

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